APS Infographic 5 for GM Poverty ActionLong-term local responses to poverty in the era of perpetual crisis.

On February 22nd 2023, we hosted a webinar to share our findings. We explored the following:  

  • Why this matters now and how local authorities and partners can take the lead on tackling poverty locally.
  • How local authorities and their partners can take a strategic approach to addressing poverty built around the framework developed by GMPA.
  • What makes a good anti-poverty strategy and how can local authorities and their partners can develop and implement an anti-poverty strategy in a way that maximises its effectiveness.

We were joined by guest speakers and held a Q&A session.  

The webinar featured the following speakers:  

Chair: GMPA, CEO Graham Whitman  

Penny Rimmer, Policy Officer, GMPA 
Shairi Bowes, Salford City Council. Principal Policy Officer (Poverty and Inequality)
Stephen Sinclair, co-Director of the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit in the Glasgow School for Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University.

A recording of the webinar for those who could not attend is available by clicking on the link below and the slides can also be downloaded.

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