Cash first approach to welfare provision

Using the COVID Winter Grant Scheme to support Free School Meal families

In November 2020 the government announced funding worth £170m for local authorities in England to support families with ‘food and bills’ during the Winter (the ‘COVID Winter Grant Scheme’). The funding needs to be spent between the start of December 2020 and end of March 2021.

GMPA believes that councils should prioritise using the COVID Winter Grant funding to support FSM families during the school holidays and that support should be delivered through monetary payments made by bank transfer. Our briefing explains why this is the most effective and efficient means of supporting low income families and sets out how this support should be delivered.

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‘Cash first’ approaches to welfare provision

In July 2020 GMPA was asked to develop the following briefing for the Greater Manchester Humanitarian Assistance Group following the announcement of additional funding from central government aimed at supporting local authorities to respond to hardship in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The briefing focuses on the importance of taking a ‘cash first’ approach to local welfare provision. The briefing outlines the benefits of this approach and suggests local welfare assistance schemes would be a suitable route to supporting people in this way.

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