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FI Extended school provision for GM Poverty Action

Extended school provision

By David Bradley, Child Poverty Action Group Schools have a unique place within their communities. With an extended school day, schools can and do support children’s development and learning, support mental health and wellbeing, mitigate the effects of child poverty, and help prevent poverty by supporting parents to work. These activities have always been a

FI End Child Poverty for GM Poverty Action

New End Child Poverty statistics

New local child poverty figures show worrying trends By Graham Whitham, CEO GMPA Last week the End Child Poverty Coalition released new analysis showing child poverty rates across the UK by local authority area over the six years leading up to the pandemic. Even before the economy was hit by the pandemic, child poverty was

FI Cost of learning in lockdown for GM Poverty Action

Cost of learning in lockdown

March 2021 update By David Bradley, England Development Manager (Cost of the School Day), Child Poverty Action Group For the majority of children and young people up and down the country, school doors closed once more in January after just one day back in the classroom. Families were faced both with the prospect of home

FI Action for children for GM Poverty Action

Action for Children: The fight goes on over Universal Credit uplift

Last week’s Budget announcement that Universal Credit will be cut by £20 a week in October is a setback for families. Imran Hussain, Director of Policy & Campaigns at Action for Children outlines why this choice hurts children – and how the decision could still be reversed. The Budget announcement that Universal Credit will be cut

Cost of learning in lockdown survey

Cost of Learning in Lockdown Survey Building on the Cost of Learning in Lockdown report in June 2020 and as part of the Cost of the School Day project, CPAG would like to hear from children, young people, and families across England about their experiences of the first term back in school and the Christmas

FI ECP Figures rising sharply for GM Poverty Action

Child poverty rising sharply

Child poverty rising sharply in the North and Midlands By Graham Whitham New research published this week by End Child Poverty finds that child poverty has risen most sharply in parts of the Midlands and Northern towns and cities in the past four years. The research looks specifically at child poverty rates after housing costs

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