Cost of learning in lockdown survey

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Cost of Learning in Lockdown Survey

Child Poverty Action Group press release for GM Poverty ActionBuilding on the Cost of Learning in Lockdown report in June 2020 and as part of the Cost of the School Day project, CPAG would like to hear from children, young people, and families across England about their experiences of the first term back in school and the Christmas period. This research would be an opportunity to hear from families and children about what has worked well for them so that CPAG can champion the successes of schools and share best practice across the sector, but also help them to understand where there are gaps, and the impact these gaps have had on families living in poverty.

The surveys can be accessed here.

Areas of focus:

  1. The school day
    •  Additional costs for families associated with this academic year
    •  Additional support provided by school (or local authority) as part of the response to the pandemic (e.g. tutoring or catch up lessons)
  2. Homeworking (for those pupils who have had to isolate)
    •  Understanding whether families have the resources they need at home and what support is being provided, and whether this has improved since school closures in March
    •  What FSM provision has worked best for isolating families
  3. Financial & holiday support
    •  Levels of concern about finances and the reasons why (e.g. increased bills)
    •  Available holiday support and how well that works for families (e.g. Covid Winter Grant Scheme)


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