How we co-produced the GM Food Poverty Action Plan


The GM Food Poverty Alliance was split into 9 sub-groups, six of which were tasked with writing elements of the plan based on these themes:

  1. Place-based access to food
  2. Children and young people experiencing food poverty
  3. Underlying causes of food poverty
  4. Food banks and beyond
  5. Measuring food poverty and monitoring our interventions
  6. Skills and training

GM Food Poverty Alliance how it works for GM Poverty Action

A seventh themed group looked at diversity and inclusion, and was made up of people with experience of poverty and others representing communities that experience food poverty in specific ways, such as black, Asian and minority ethnic people, and disabled people. While we primarily encouraged the members of this group to help shape the other groups’ outputs through attending their meetings, the group also came together to feed into a whole draft of the Action Plan once the groups had written their sections.

Here are a few of the organisations involved.

Guiding Principles of the Food Poverty Alliance

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