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Food poverty is multi dimensional and affects vulnerable people the most. It is caused by a range of factors: low or no income and a rising cost of living make it more and more difficult for people to feed themselves and their families. Most costs are fixed but food isn’t, so it is often the first thing that has to go when people are struggling financially.

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End Hunger UK Conference 2018 Charlie Spring for GM Poverty Action

End Hunger UK – Conference 2018

A growing movement? End Hunger UK conference 2018 By Dr Charlie Spring, University of Sheffield On World Food Day 2018, the End Hunger UK campaign convened its second annual conference in Westminster to discuss the growing movement around household food insecurity in the UK. A broad coalition of food aid providers, think tanks, faith leaders,

Stockport Homes Pantry article for GM Poverty Action

Your Local Pantry

“It’s more than just a full tummy, it’s a massive link in the community” Stockport Homes opened the doors to its first pantry in 2014. This was a time of welfare reform and the surge in food bank vouchers allocated in Stockport made it apparent that there needed to be another option available, one that

Foodbanks article for GM Poverty Action

Existence of foodbanks tells us all we need to know

By Graham Whitham Last week it was reported that government ministers have drawn up plans to investigate how many people are being forced to seek emergency food support and the reasons why . For many people this will feel several years too late, as the huge growth in foodbanks since 2010 has provided ample evidence

Food Power Conference for GM Poverty Action

Reflections on the Food Power conference

Charlie Spring, chair of the “Measuring and Monitoring” sub-group of the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance, represented us at the first ever conference of Food Power, the national body of food poverty alliances. As the work of the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance gets underway, it’s a great time to learn from the challenges and

Food Poverty Alliance sureys for GM Poverty Action

GMFPA Surveys

Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance Please tell us about action on holiday hunger and strategic work on food in each borough GMPA’s Food Poverty Alliance already has over 100 organisations working together on a Food Poverty Action Plan for Greater Manchester – you can join us here if you haven’t already – so we have

GMFPA Update article for GM Poverty Action

Update from GMPA’s Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance

Following a successful launch and empowerment evening, the real work of the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance has begun.  The work of the Alliance is now being coordinated across several subgroups who will co-produce a Food Poverty Action Plan for Greater Manchester. The Action Plan, to be launched early next year, will be co-produced by

Launch report on GM Food Poverty Alliance for G Poverty Action

GM Food Poverty Alliance

The Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance is off to a Great Start! GMPA were delighted to launch the Food Poverty Alliance at a packed Methodist Central Hall last week. Individuals with their own experiences of food poverty and representatives from councils, charities and businesses, all came together with one aim – fighting food poverty in

Wythenshawe real food project for GM Poverty Action

Real Food Wythenshawe

Who are Real Food Wythenshawe? Wythenshawe Community Housing Group’s Real Food project is a health and wellbeing programme whose goal is to change people’s behaviour around healthy more sustainable lifestyles. The programme launched in 2013 with an aim to make Wythenshawe an exemplar of how food projects should be run in the 21st century and

GM Food Poverty Alliance for GM Poverty Action

GM Food Poverty Alliance

Join the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance The proliferation of food banks and other social food providers has been one of the largest movements of this decade – now we must work together for a Greater Manchester in which no-one has to go hungry. With lower incomes and higher costs, many people are struggling to

Language of food article by Megan Blake for GM Poverty Action

The language of food

Capitalism has coopted the language of food – costing the world millions of meals Article by Megan Blake, Director of the MA Food Security and Food Justice, University of Sheffield Hardly a day goes by when food is not in the news. We are at once encouraged to eat healthily, buy locally, and reduce food waste.

Allotment growers article for GM Poverty Action

Allot of help! By Kal Gill-Faci, Senior Architect at Levitt Bernstein Since the start of this summer, I have been making weekly donations of organic fruit and vegetables grown on my allotment to a homeless day centre in south Manchester. I live in Urmston and have an allotment at Humphrey Park Allotments in Stretford, a

Trussell Trust article for GM Poverty Action

Local people providing for local people

by Lynda Batterbee, NW Area Manager Trussell Trust The Trussell Trust runs more than 400 foodbanks across the UK, 17 of which operate out of 49 locations across Greater Manchester. Each foodbank without exception is only possible because of the dedication, determination and persistence of the many countless volunteers and donors who work extremely hard

Surplus food, Megan Blake for GM Poverty Action

Surplus Food

What is it, how is it used and how can it help to solve food poverty? Surplus food may occur for a myriad of reasons: changes in the weather, a packaging error or perhaps a supplier’s contractual agreement with a retailer.  Surplus food is simply food that is not sold.  It is still perfectly edible. 

Fareshare GM article for GM Poverty Action

FareShare GM

More Food, More Help, More Need in 2017 With over 200 Community Food Members and tonnes of surplus food on the move every day, FareShare Greater Manchester is now one of busiest depots in the UK. In 2016, 1.9 million meal portions were distributed to 230 charities and community organisations across the region. Together the

Why are we failing to feed our own people for GM Poverty Action

Why are we

failing to feed our own people? As we prepare for another General Election we expect a further deepening of the division between those who have and those who have not.   This will mean the continued exponential growth in the numbers of people requiring emergency food assistance and increased numbers of children and elderly with inadequate

Feeding America for GM Poverty Action

Feeding America

America’s 1980s food bank explosion was seen as a short-term ‘emergency’ response to hunger and waste: what can this teach the UK? In early summer 2016, GMPA Food Poverty Special Interest Group member Charlotte Spring spent two months travelling to 8 cities in the USA and Canada to seek lessons about the role of food

Emergency food map for GM Poverty Action

GM Emergency Food Map

GMPA has created an emergency food provision map of the region The most well-known food bank service, The Trussell Trust now has 54 distribution points in Greater Manchester but there are many more emergency food providers including churches, community centres, charities, and local action groups. In Greater Manchester, GMPA has mapped 155. As we reported

Food banks forever map for GM Poverty Action

Food banks forever?

Will we ever again be a country without food banks? Before 2004 there were almost no food banks in the UK, at least no highly organised, high profile ones.  They already existed in Europe in Paris and Brussels.  In 1986 the European Federation of Food Banks was launched, by 1992 there were food banks in

Urban Outreach Bolton for GM POverty Action organisations

Urban Outreach

“You never saw foodbanks two years ago, but now they are everywhere”, says Charlotte, a volunteer at a partnership ‘Pantry’ project supported by Urban Outreach in Bolton. The huge increase in foodbanks across Britain has indeed become national news. Jeremy Paxman last year grilled David Cameron about why there were 420 foodbanks in 2015 when

The Trussell Trust - organisation profile for GM Poverty Action

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust is a national charity which aims to bring communities together to end hunger and poverty in the UK, by providing compassionate, practical help, whilst also challenging injustice. We are best known for our network of more than 400 foodbanks across the UK which provides a minimum of three days’ emergency food and

Salford Involved GM Poverty Action organisation

Salford Involved

Broughton, Salford, is the 126th most deprived ward in England. “It is clear that people are living in poverty here, and have lived in poverty for the last 40 years”, says Dave Fraser, the Team Leader of Salford Involved, a local community cooperative. “We haven’t moved on the indices of deprivation. And while millions have

FareShare - food waste prevention for GM Poverty Action

Food Waste Prevention

In response to new research from food waste prevention organisation, WRAP, which estimates that 270,000 tonnes of surplus from the food and drink industry could be redistributed to feed people each year, instead of going to waste, FareShare CEO, Lindsay Boswell said: “While some people may be shocked to hear that so much edible food

MASH, Manchester Action on Street Health logo profile for GMPA article


Recent Parliamentary debates about the legal status of sex work hit the national headlines, but in Manchester the organisation working on the front line with those in the industry is MASH, Manchester Action on Street Health. Cate Allison, the CEO, welcomes GMPA to their drop in centre in east Manchester. Selling sex on the streets

Cracking Good Food logo for GMPA article

Cracking Good Food

Adele Jordan, with the rest of her amazing team, has run Cracking Good Food, a sustainable cooking network across Greater Manchester since 2010. Run as a social enterprise, they teach people how to cook from scratch with 70% of their work being with hard to reach communities like Mustard Tree, Life Share & Compassion Foodbanks

Fareshare Greater Manchester logo for GMPA article


EMERGE is a social enterprise and charitable group. We run FareShare Greater Manchester because we recognise that there are massive quantities of in-date surplus food currently generated within industry and on a pragmatic basis that this food can be redistributed to assist organisations who help support people in greatest need. Our policy is to work

Growing your own food article

Tackling Food Poverty

This Food Poverty article was first published in 2014 Activity to tackle food poverty in the region is wide ranging and is taking place on multiple levels  – from strategic programmes addressing the wider food agenda to small scale food banks addressing immediate crisis.  Here are some examples: FareShare NW The Tackling Food Poverty Together

Oldham Foodbank image of stores for GMPA article

Food Poverty: Manchester Evidence

This article was first published in 2014 In July 2014 Manchester Citizens Advice Bureau Service (MCABS) organised a consultation meeting with organisations in the city involved in the provision of various forms of emergency food assistance, to draw together evidence on a number of the questions outlined in the terms of reference of the All Party

Oldham Foodbank logo for GMPA article

Oldham Foodbank

Oldham is at the frontline of the news this week, as it was found to be ‘the most deprived town in England’1 by a recent survey from the Office for National Statistics. Foodbanks are a resource for desperate times for many people across Britain, and GM Poverty Action has been visiting Oldham Foodbank for a

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