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GMPA has created an emergency food provision map of the region

The most well-known food bank service, The Trussell Trust now has 54 distribution points in Greater Manchester but there are many more emergency food providers including churches, community centres, charities, and local action groups.

In Greater Manchester, GMPA has mapped 155.

As we reported in our newsletter of November 30th, only thirteen years ago there were almost no food banks in the UK.  They already existed in many European countries but from 2004 they began to spring up here in every town and city.  The financial crisis and austerity measures since have seen them become a part of our landscape. There are now an estimated 2,500 places in the UK where those in need can collect a food parcel.

As part of our plans to draw together people with strong common interests under the broader heading of poverty we formed a Food Poverty Special Interest Group which met for the first time in September 2016. Membership of the group is currently:

Lily Axworthy, Development Officer, Greater Together Manchester
Lynda Battarbee, Foodbank Network Development Officer, North West England,  The Trussell Trust
Megan Blake, Director of the MA in Food Security and Food Justice, University of Sheffield
Nancy Brown, Education and Youth Advisor, Oxfam
Adele Jordan, Director, Cracking Good Food
Miranda Kaunang, Development Manager, Fareshare Greater Manchester
Julie Ralph, Policy Analyst, Bolton at Home
Sarah Riley, Great Places Housing Group
Charlotte Spring,  PhD student studying the growth of surplus food redistribution, University of Salford
Chris Bagley, GM Poverty Action
Tom Skinner, GM Poverty Action

One of our first objectives was to create this food map as we believed that a single source currently didn’t exist and we hoped that it would be useful and informative. An almost unexpected outcome has been that it is also a very powerful image demonstrating how critical the situation in the region is at the start of 2017.

“You don’t go to a food bank for fun, you don’t go so you can save your money to spend on something else.” says Tom Skinner, a Director of GMPA “You go because you have no choice if you want to feed your family or yourself.”  and he added “Will we ever again be a country without need for them? There are so many people going hungry right now, sadly it’s hard to imagine a UK without food banks. But we have to try. In the meantime, we’ll make sure people know where they can go if they are in need.”

The GMPA Emergency Food Providers map is freely available to everyone in the hope that it will be of assistance to advisors when directing people to their nearest, accessible foodbank.

Emergency Food Providers map for GM Poverty Action article


We would welcome information about any foodbank we may have missed and we are short of some items of data such as hours of  opening or referral method for a few food banks.  We also understand that a food bank may not wish to be shown on the map if they are already overwhelmed by local demand.  We are happy to amend the details to reflect this although we would prefer to keep a pin in the map for every food bank in existence in order to make the level of need crystal clear.

If you have any information that could improve the food map please email



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