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Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance

Please tell us about action on holiday hunger and strategic work on food in each borough

GMPA’s Food Poverty Alliance already has over 100 organisations working together on a Food Poverty Action Plan for Greater Manchester – you can join us here if you haven’t already – so we have a good understanding of the range of actions on food poverty across the city region. However, there are two areas that we need to understand better at this stage, so have worked with Greater Together Manchester and FareShare Greater Manchester to produce two surveys and are asking everyone who might have relevant information to respond and share widely:

1 School Holiday Activities and Food Provision

To be completed by every organisation involved in school holiday food provision in Greater Manchester.

Holiday hunger is a situation that occurs when a child’s household is, or will become, food insecure during the school holidays. It is estimated that 3 million children are at risk of holiday hunger in the UK. We want to find out more about the organisations providing school holiday activities and food provision across Greater Manchester. We will use the information provided in this questionnaire to better understand the scope of current provision and how this relates to the areas of greatest need. We will also be able to look strategically at gaps in provision and work with partners to address this. Please fill in and share the survey here

2 Addressing Food Poverty – Existing Strategic Work

To be completed by every local authority, third sector infrastructure organisation, and anyone else who is collaborating on responses to food poverty in their area of Greater Manchester.

We know that a great deal of strategic and coordination work is carried out in many boroughs of Greater Manchester, however food is often addressed in policies that primarily focus on other topics. We therefore want to understand all of the existing strategic policy and coordination work that mentions or includes food in any way. We will use the information provided in this questionnaire to understand how food policy is embedded in other policies, and what coordination work is carried out in each borough, so as to better work together and develop complementary strategies. Please fill in and share the survey here


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