Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign Co-ordinator  – Part-Time – Job Description

The Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign is a coalition of people and organisations who want to make Greater Manchester a Real Living Wage Zone; to challenge low pay; to put Living Wage policy and a culture of social equality at the heart of how Greater Manchester works.

Title: Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign Co-ordinator

Location: Working from home, alternatively a hot-desk arrangement can be made at Church House, 90 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2GH. Either way, the role will involve a lot of travel for meetings and events across Greater Manchester.

Contract: Freelance

Length of contract: 6 months between June and December 2019

Contractor: The Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign is a Greater Manchester Poverty Action project. The contracting organisation, Greater Manchester Poverty Action Limited, is a not-for-profit company, Company Number 10181238.

Purpose: To coordinate the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign, organising campaign meetings and Living Wage Week events, as well as other campaign activities such as engaging employers and the media.

Number of working hours per average week: 2 days/week

Day rate: £120

Expenses: Reasonable travel and subsistence expenses can be claimed.

Budget responsibility: Small activities budget

The deadline for applications is 10am on Friday May 24th, 2019, and interviews will take place on Monday June 3rd and the morning of Tuesday June 4th.

GM Living Wage Co-ordinator Application form

Key responsibilities

  • Overseeing the delivery of the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign.
  • Running four Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign meetings, supporting participants to advocate for the Real Living Wage where they are, and planning campaign activities.
  • Delivering Living Wage Week activities in November, working in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation, GM Citizens, and other good employment advocates.
  • Engaging local authorities and other anchor institutions to encourage them to become accredited Real Living Wage employers.
  • Delivering campaign actions to pressure large employers in low-paying sectors to pay the Real Living Wage.
  • Signposting employers and others to the Living Wage Foundation for accreditation as and when necessary.
  • Engaging the media, and running the Campaign’s social media accounts
  • Reporting on the Campaign’s activities to funders.
  • Working closely with the directors of Greater Manchester Poverty Action.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders such as trade unions.
  • Identifying long-term funding opportunities, and exploring the possibility of developing the campaign into a broader project on good employment
  • Attending other good employment-related meetings to ensure a joined-up approach to the issue across Greater Manchester.
  • Writing and sourcing regular news articles for the Greater Manchester Poverty Action newsletter.
  • Maintaining the Campaign’s database.
  • Any other actions necessary for the promotion of the Living Wage, the Campaign, and Greater Manchester Poverty Action’s good employment work.


Person specification

  • Strong campaigning and networking skills, with the ability to bring different people together for joint activities.
  • Event and meeting management skills.
  • The ability to work unsupervised, with strong time management skills.
  • A good understanding of key stakeholder relationships within Greater Manchester, including understanding of the Combined Authority, local authorities and businesses.
  • Knowledge of the real Living Wage and in-work poverty.
  • The ability to speak to different audiences and people in different positions of seniority and from different backgrounds.
  • Good written skills, with the ability to condense complex information.
  • The ability to use social media to convey important updates and campaign messages.
  • A commitment to the values of Greater Manchester Poverty Action.
  • A commitment to the promotion of the Real Living Wage.
  • Basic administrative skills.
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