GMPA launch VCSE anti-poverty forum

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By Aisha Muhammed, Public Policy Officer at GMPA

On Wednesday 3 May, GMPA launched the Greater Manchester VCSE Anti-Poverty Forum.

The forum has been established under the delivery of the Greater Manchester VCSE Accord to build on existing strengths of VCSE sector across the ten boroughs.

It seeks to create a VCSE ecosystem that recognises the value of the sector beyond ‘crisis responses’ to poverty in these increasingly challenging times.

The anti-poverty forum brings together VCSE organisations from across the city-region to share their experiences and expertise, discuss challenges, and organise strategic and policy development and influence in the fight against poverty, creating a powerful VCSE sector voice on an array of pressing topics – from the need of a cash-first approach to welfare provision, to the advocacy of the Living Wage Campaign.

For more information on the forum, please get in touch.

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