GMPA has releasing a series of podcasts on how to rebuild the economy of Greater Manchester following the COVID-19 pandemic.  The podcasts are hosted by John Hacking, coordinator of the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign and can be listened to by simply clicking on one of the speaker icons next to the text.

Graham Whitham for GM Poverty Action

Speaker for GM Poverty Action podcasts

In conversation with GMPA Director Graham Whitham, talking about ongoing work within the city region’s response to the pandemic, the
opportunities to reduce poverty and its impact, and the difference that we can make locally.

Speaker for GM Poverty Action podcastsJohn talks to Lizzie, Rizvi and Gemma from the Manchester Poverty Truth Commission about the experiences facing people living in poverty
during the lockdown and what additional challenges and pressures it has brought to their everyday lives.

Andy B urnham podcast for GM Poverty Action

Speaker for GM Poverty Action podcastsJohn speaks to Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester,
on ‘Decent work, poverty and the Real Living Wage in post lockdown Greater Manchester’.

Speaker for GM Poverty Action podcastsIn conversation with Ed Heery, Professor of Employment Relations at Cardiff Business School and a leading expert on the Real Living
Wage, who outlines the extent of the Living Wage, the impact it has had on employees and employers and the impact of Covid-19.

The podcasts complement GMPA’s work to influence the economic recovery from the pandemic in a way that promotes equality and addresses poverty.

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