Cracking Good Food collection

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Any spare mugs, saucepans, trowels, watering cans?

As part of the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Action Plan launched in March 2019, Cracking Good Food have set up a sponsorship package to facilitate some offers of support through their organisation.  Find out more here

They have also put out a call for all unwanted cooking and growing equipment in order to furnish the community groups and hostels that they are working in with the tools that are needed.  Collected items can also be shared out among families and individuals moving on from temporary accommodation.

Through the sponsorship opportunities, Apex Storage have donated 4 secure storage units where kitchen and garden items donated by everyone can be collected before being redistributed across the city region.   The units are in Cheadle, Ardwick, Radcliffe and near Sport City. Full addresses and drop off instructions here. Please contact Tracey at Cracking Good Food to arrange delivery.

They are looking for: mugs, plates in all sizes, cutlery, soup and cereal bowls, aprons, baking trays, chopping boards, saucepans, utensils, sieves, graters, colanders and storage including airtight food containers.  Also most welcome would be small electrical appliances such as blenders, kettles, toasters, microwaves and slow cookers. Larger white goods, such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers and cookers can also be redistributed.

For the ‘grow your own’ projects they need: growing containers, trowels, forks, spades, gardening gloves, composting soil, rakes, wheelbarrows, canes, garden twine and string, watering cans and hoses and especially seeds, small fruit bushes and salad plants.

So do pass on that collection of odd dinner plates, or those extra mugs you don’t need, the stack of garden tubs that you no longer want to pot up and those lettuce seeds someone gave you that you just know you’ll never sow!

If you would like to get more involved please check out the Action Plan to see how you could contribute.

Cracking Good Food Collection for GM Poverty Action

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