GM Inequalities Commission survey

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Achieving a fairer Greater Manchester is the focus of Inequalities Commission as new survey launches

People across Greater Manchester are to be asked to help tackle inequality to inform the work of the city-region’s Independent Inequalities Commission.

The drive to make Greater Manchester a more equal society will be informed by the online survey designed to  capture the views and experiences of residents.

The Commission, which reports to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, and the 10 local authority Leaders, wants to hear from people who have a passion in making Greater Manchester a fairer and more equal place to grow up, get on and grow old – in particular those with knowledge of the city-region’s inequalities or who have experience working with marginalised groups.

The Independent Inequalities Commission is chaired by Kate Pickett, Professor of Epidemiology and Deputy Director of the Centre for Future Health at the University of York.  Kate is encouraging people to complete the survey, which closes on 31st January, “Working alongside my fellow Commission Members, I am really keen to hear the views of the people of Greater Manchester on how they would create a more equal society.

“Greater equality is better for everyone, but I know that there are barriers and issues such as poverty, low pay, poor health, and unattainable standards in education and skills that are an embedded part of people’s lives. That’s why we want to hear from you about your ideas on how we can get to grips with the root causes of inequality and change everyone’s lives for the better.

“The Commission should be informed by the views of people from as many different backgrounds as possible – please do encourage others you know to take part in this conversation.”

To find out more and undertake the survey log onto


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