Tameside Poverty Truth Commission

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Tameside Poverty Truth Commission: Recruiting for Commissioners

We are currently recruiting 12 to 15 key civic and business leaders, and 12 to 15 people with lived experience of poverty from across Tameside.

Do you live in Tameside and have lived experience of poverty or know anyone who does?

Would you be interested in sharing your story of the struggles you have faced with people in positions of influence within Tameside so that together we can come up with ideas that will help others living in poverty?

The Poverty Truth Commission is a unique project where relationships are prioritised. A group of people who would not normally meet are brought together because of their lived experience and expertise and are able to use their voice to influence and shape a better Tameside.

We are looking to invite 12-15 people of all ages and backgrounds to join this commission. Initially we will meet weekly (using zoom until we can meet face to face) to get to know each other. There will then be a launch event where we will invite key decision makers to hear the impact of poverty in Tameside. After that, we will meet monthly with a group of 12-15 civic/business leaders and together we will spend time getting to know each other and deeply listening to the struggles that people face. We will not jump to quick solutions but instead think about better solutions that will help Tameside become a place where everyone can thrive.

If you are interested in joining this commission we would love to hear from you. Do get in touch with Beatrice Smith on 07423 014430. Alternatively, you can email Beatrice.

More information about the Tameside Poverty Truth Commission


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