GM Law Centre Survival Kit

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by Jason Tetley

Greater Manchester Law Centre has developed a survival kit to support residents and front-line organisations to assist people through the current public health crisis.

Access the guide here: GMLC-COVID-19-Survival Guide 060420 

• The GMLC Survival Kit includes comprehensive information to help people protect things such as their homes and jobs, explaining people’s rights and clear ways to enforce them. We will be regularly updating this guide through our website.

To ensure you are up to date with changes as and when they occur you can access the live version here. We hope this guide will be helpful you and those you work with. Please feel free to share and circulate.

• We are running a telephone advice service for people wanting advice on housing and benefits issues. This service is open Monday – Friday, 10am – 3pm. Please call 0161 769 2244, or alternatively you can send your enquiry via email: or

• We are also working closely with Garden Court North barristers to set up a network of housing and social welfare lawyers that can be available to offer urgent housing advice and legal help to those who need it.

If there are any common problems or barriers you encounter in your work that are making it more difficult for people to obtain safe and suitable accommodation, or if you know if individuals refused homelessness applications during this time please let us know by contacting

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