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Food Matters

Over the past year Inspiring Communities Together in partnership with Age UK Salford, Salford Royal and Salford City Council Public Health Team and other community venues have tested a variety of approaches to try and address community food-related issues.

The approach developed delivered a programme of activities across the life course of start well, live well and age well.

Whilst the test model developed by this partnership came before the launch the GM Food Poverty Action Plan they have been able to demonstrate that their approach has:

  • provided more people with knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices through a variety of tools;
  • the joined-up approach has brought together a variety of partners and funding to test a different approach to
    addressing food poverty;
  • more people are now making healthy food choices from across the life course;
  • the programme of activity has supported friendships to grow within neighbourhoods.

To develop and deliver this approach has required not only the commitment of the partnership but also access to funding to support management and co-ordination of the model.

For 2019-20 Inspiring Communities Together have made a commitment to:

  • carry on the work testing a place-based approach to addressing food poverty using the GM Food Poverty Action Plan;
  • build on the learning developed during this period of work to develop a neighbourhood model which can be
    replicated in other neighbourhoods;
  • use the learning that has already taken place to identify funding sources which can provide the resources needed.

Their full report Food Matters: A Neighbourhood Approach, Lessons Learnt April 2018 – March 2019 is available here


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