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Launch of policy toolkit: poverty and inequality reduction policies

Irene Bucelli, Abigail McKnight and Kate Summers

A new online policy toolkit provides a systematic, wide-ranging and accessible assessment of a variety of policies with a potential ‘double dividend’: policies that could lead to reductions in both poverty and inequality.

toolkit: cASE and JRF for GM Poverty ActionThe selection of policies has been informed by a larger research programme, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which has explored the relationship between inequalities and poverty. This research not only identified a positive empirical relationship between poverty and inequality it also reviewed evidence on potential mechanisms that might drive this relationship. To find out more about the statistical relationship and the mechanisms you can read the Overview Report, or download the working papers from the project page.

The policy toolkit can be accessed online or a pdf of the toolkit can be accessed here.

Who is it for?
The toolkit has been designed to be a useful aid to anyone interested in policies which reduce poverty and inequality and in particular policies with the potential to have a ‘double dividend’. It has been created with a wide audience in mind, including practitioners, policy-makers, academics and students.

What will it tell me?
The toolkit presents policy options, not recommendations. It analyses policies in terms of their relationship to poverty and inequality, public and political support, type and level of intervention, evidence of effectiveness and cost to government

How do I use it?
The policies presented in this toolkit are organised in relation to the mechanisms identified in this project as well as by policy area and type of intervention. In total seven mechanisms were identified:

• Political economy and public awareness;
• Resource constraints;
• Spatial disparities;
• Housing;
• Life-cycle and intergenerational mechanisms;
• Crime and the legal system;
• Labour market mechanisms.

Each section of the toolkit examines a selection of policies in relation to drivers within each mechanism. Overall
assessments are presented in short summary tables which also provide access to the more detailed information behind each summary.

You may like to also check out our article on JRF’s UK Poverty 2019/20 report which includes a series of suggested policy solutions to help address poverty across the country.


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