Love for the Streets

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Love for the Streets at the Whitworth

Love for the Street brand for GM Poverty ActionLove for the Streets is a grassroots campaign led by young people who aim to mobilise students to tackle issues of homelessness in innovative ways. Mainstream narratives of homelessness are generally negative and perpetuate unfair stereotypes, but Love for the Streets provides an alternative perspective to address these social inequalities.

Art, music and culture are fundamental aspects of society which bring people from different backgrounds together to create a platform for communication. Love for the Streets is combining these elements to curate a unique exhibition that will showcase art produced in different workshops over eight weeks of sessions. In a collaboration with Manchester School of Art (MSOA), students have been teaching participants from homeless charities, such as Greater Together Manchester and Cornerstone, a variety of creative skills including photography, fine art, graffiti, drawing and collage. These sessions are led by the MSOA students and have provided a great opportunity to form relationships in an engaging and creative environment, between people who might not necessarily have
opportunities to interact on a social basis.

The whole exhibition (open only for one day!) is not just curated to display these final pieces, but to show the journey that these groups have embarked on together – the whole process will be documented and displayed amongst other information about homelessness in Manchester. Expect interactive elements throughout the day, as well as work from David Tovey, who is a formerly homeless artist and activist.  David has been featured at the Tate Modern and founded the first One Festival of Homeless Arts.

Most importantly, this event will be open to all of the participants of this project as well as the general public to ensure that the space is as inclusive as possible and is truly representative of the workshops aims in general. Art work which has been produced at some other amazing charities, the Mustard Tree and the Booth Centre, will also be on display.

What’s more, the day event will also include live music, delivered by both a student jazz band called Top in Deck, and the Booth Street Guitar Group who play soulful renditions of classic tunes. The whole day will be an inspiring and engaging display of what can be achieved when groups collaborate to bring something different to our perceptions of homelessness.

Love for the Steret image for GM Poverty ActionCombining art and music in a stimulating way to make people think about social issues in a different frame is incredibly important, and this event will demonstrate how easy it can be to create free spaces where all members of society are truly welcome, despite their backgrounds and current situation.

Come and join us on Saturday March 10th. 2018, from 10am – 5pm at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6ER

You can find out more about Love for the Streets on Facebook

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