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Lived Experience Employment Podcast Series by Inspiring Change Manchester

Inspiring Change Manchester designed the GROW Traineeship programme to help break down barriers into work for people with lived experience of multiple disadvantages. The programme created paid placements to provide practical experience and the support and guidance to secure further paid employment, while drawing on their lived expertise to improve our practices as an organisation. The team worked closely with the Elephants Trail to co-produce a series of podcasts that delves into the realities of lived experience employment, both in terms raising awareness of the benefits of it for organisations and people alike, while also tackling the more challenging aspects of delivering programmes like these successfully. Details about each episode and links to listen can be found below.

Episode One – “Intro to ICM and the GROW Programme”
What the GROW programme is in more depth and what can be expected from the rest of the series.

Episode Two – “The Glass Ceiling”
Is there is a glass ceiling for people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage when wanting to further their career. This episode explores the changes that can be made in workplace practice and culture to open up opportunities for people with lived experience and enable them to progress in their career.

Episode Three – “Lose the Labels”
With more organisations wanting to employ individuals with lived experience to improve services, this episode explores how it feels to be employed in those roles and carry that ‘label’. Also discussed are how employers can better support staff with lived experience, the importance of choice and having ownership over sharing individual stories, and the recognition of the value that individuals with lived experience bring to the table.

Episode Four – “Barriers and Benefits”
The final episode is looking at the barriers and benefits of lived experience employment, as the myths and misconceptions about employing people with lived experience are explored.

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