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The role of the VCSE sector in creating a more inclusive economy in Greater Manchester – a short film

GMPA has been working on behalf of the GM VCSE Leadership Group (see below for more information) to develop tools that help promote the voluntary and community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector’s role in the Greater Manchester economy. The following film sets out some of the socio-economic challenges the city region faces and considers the potential role for the VCSE sector in helping to reshape our economy. There is more information about this project below.

Why is the VCSE sector talking about this?

Th GM VCSE Leadership Group is a group of organisations who come together to promote the role and involvement of the VCSE sector and communities in devolution. Part of this work involves promoting the role of VCSE organisations in the Greater Manchester economy, ensuring the economic value and potential of such organisations is recognised.

Given the twin challenges of economic inequality and poverty in Greater Manchester, the Leadership Group recognises that the economy of Greater Manchester needs to be more inclusive, delivering better outcomes for all residents and ensuring everyone living in the city region can benefit from sustainable economic activity. The Leadership Group believes VCSE organisations have a central role in achieving this, particularly in respect of encouraging economic activity in place with high levels of deprivation and poverty.

VCSE Inclusive Economy Infographic for GM Poverty ActionVCSE Inclusive Economy Infographic for GM Poverty Action

VCSE organisations already contribute a huge amount to the Greater Manchester economy, generating 42,600 jobs. However, the VCSE sector often isn’t perceived as being central to the functioning of the Greater Manchester economy, meaning opportunities to grow and embed the sector with the economy are missed.

VCSE Inclusive Economy Infographic for GM Poverty ActionVCSE Inclusive Economy Infographic for GM Poverty Action

Showcasing alternative approaches to doing business – case studies

As part of this project, Unlimited Potential have gathered a series of case studies highlighting organisations delivering social value and operating alternative and ethical business models. They are a tool for people interested in understanding.

Anchor Removals
Carbon Creative
Open Kitchen MCR

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