Keep the lifeline

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Joseph Rowntree Foundation campaign: Keep the lifeline

By Graham Whitham


Today (September 30th), despite the cancellation of the Autumn Budget, a letter has been sent to the Chancellor, signed by JRF and over 50 other organisations including GMPA. In the letter the signatories urge the Chancellor to “make the temporary £20/week increase to the standard allowance of Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit permanent from April, as well as extend the same uplift to ESA, Income Support and JSA.”

It goes on to say “Falling incomes and rising costs throughout the pandemic have put families under immense financial pressure, but the £20 uplift has been a lifeline that has enabled many of them to keep their heads above water and has stopped us seeing a marked surge in poverty levels. However, if the uplift ends in April 2021, this good work risks being undermined.”

For more details on JRF’s ‘Keeping the lifeline’ campaign please take a look at this blog  from JRF’s Acting Director Helen Barnard. More information about the campaign is available on JRF’s website here.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to support this campaign.

GMPA is supporting the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s (JRF) call to maintain the £20 uplift for Universal Credit (UC) and legacy benefits introduced during the lockdown. The current indications from Government are that they still consider this to be a temporary measure, and as yet are not persuaded of the need to keep it in the autumn Budget. However, we know that many low incomes families were struggling financially prior to the pandemic and that many will be struggling following the lockdown period as the economic consequences of COVID-19 become clearer. Those needs are not likely to go away anytime soon and the £20 uplift needs to become permanent.


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