Poverty is on the rise, but the UK Government has no plan or strategy to address poverty.

Whilst many of the main drivers to tackle poverty lie with central government, the lack of consideration for poverty and its consequences nationally means that action at a local level is more important than ever.

There are examples of good practice and impact from localities where there is a strong policy and strategic focus on addressing poverty, delivered through, and steered by a robust anti-poverty strategy. The wide-ranging nature of the areas of policy means that a strategic approach is required to ensure joint working by all local government services and key stakeholders. 

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Local anti-poverty strategies: good practice and effective approaches (February 2023)

What is a good anti-poverty strategy and how can local authorities and their partners develop and implement an anti-poverty strategy in a way that maximises its effectiveness?

There is a lack of up-to-date research that explores best practice and effective approaches in the design and implementation of local anti-poverty strategies. In February 2023, we published our report, Local anti-poverty strategies: Good practice and effective approaches.

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This report develops new thinking and valuable insights into the strategic approach local authorities and their partners can take to address poverty and identifies the key elements of a local anti-poverty strategy that will maximise its effectiveness.   

The research:  

  • Highlights anti-poverty strategies that are in place across the county that we have identified as being good practice: Salford City, Rother District, East Devon District, Cambridge City, Leicester City, and Scottish Borders.  
  • Identifies the key elements of a good local anti-poverty strategy, from scope and design to aims and measures of success. 
  • Develops a framework for local authorities and partners who are seeking to implement or enhance a local anti-poverty strategy. 

Other resources  

In addition to the report, GMPA has produced the following outputs to support local authorities and partner organisations across Greater Manchester and beyond to adopt a strategic approach to address poverty. 

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