Local child and family poverty strategies

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The Child Poverty Act (2010) placed a requirement on local authorities and ‘delivery partners’ in England to carry out child poverty needs assessments and develop child poverty strategies. This gave impetus to local authorities and key agencies such as health to work together to tackle child poverty.

The Government scrapped this requirement in 2016. Despite this, some areas continue to have strategies in place. GMPA believes having a local child and family poverty strategy in place is highly important. Many of the most important decisions made affecting child poverty and children’s lives are made at a local level. Local action can be taken in a number of areas including:

  • Parental employment
  • Educational outcomes and experiences
  • Housing support
  • Local elements of the welfare system.

Download our latest briefing for further discussion about the need for local child and family poverty strategies.

Mapping local child and family poverty strategies

GMPA has developed a new tool to support local authorities and other stakeholders to identify approaches to the development of local child and family poverty strategies. This can help fill the vacuum created by the lack of guidance or support from central government. We are particularly keen to work with each of the ten Greater Manchester local authorities (and their partners). GMPA wants to ensure that each area in Greater Manchester has a robust and effective approach to tackling child and family poverty in place and to support the sharing of best practice across the city region.

To date GMPA has mapped anti-poverty strategies in 209 top-tier local authority areas in England and Wales – 31 of the 209 have a child or family poverty strategy in place (for example Manchester) and the remaining 80 incorporate a focus on child and family poverty within a broader strategy (for example Salford) or set of strategies (for example Wigan).

Unfortunately the software behind our mapping of anti-poverty strategies has been discontinued so the map is no longer available.




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