Food Providers map of the region

The most well-known food bank service, The Trussell Trust, now has over 55 distribution points in Greater Manchester but there are many more food banks as well as membership pantries, food clubs, meal providers and a few pay-as-you-feel and pay-forward places to eat across the city region.

In Greater Manchester, GMPA has mapped 222 (November 2019)

We created this Food Providers map, which was launched in January 2017, as we believed that a single source didn’t exist and we hoped that it would be useful and informative.

We wanted it to be a single point of reference for both service users and advisors and we believe that, in the main, this is how it is being used, hence the 33,000+ hits.  When the map was first launched it also very graphically brought to everyone’s attention the number of food providers that existed across Greater Manchester and the image was quite shocking.  No-on had expected there to be as many ‘independent’ food banks.  Over the past two years the numbers have grown from 136 to the current level of 222, an increase of over 60%, despite the closure of quite a few food banks through lack of funds or stock.  Last year, with the increasing number of food clubs and pantries we decided to split them and we now have 3 different pins for food banks, pantry-style provision and venues that provide meals.

We have suggested to all food providers that, even if they are working at their maximum capacity, we would still like to show them on the map – with their situation clearly stated in their profile – if only to reflect a true picture of the level of support being provided across the city region.

“You don’t go to a food bank for fun, you don’t go so you can save your money to spend on something else.” says Tom Skinner, a Director of GMPA and Chairman of the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance “You go because you have no choice if you want to feed your family or yourself.”  and he added “Will we ever again be a country without need for them? There are so many people going hungry right now, sadly it’s hard to imagine a UK without food banks. But we have to try. In the meantime, we’ll make sure people know where they can go if they are in need.”

The GMPA Food Providers map is freely available to everyone in the hope that it will be of assistance to clients and to advisors when directing people to their nearest, accessible food bank or other source of food assistance.

We would welcome information about any provider we may have missed, we are short of some items of data such as hours of opening or referral method and we are always grateful for any updates that our network can provide.   

If you have any information that could improve the food map please email us

Household items and repairs

Our second map shows ‘Household items and repairsand includes organisations that provide reconditioned, refurbished and repaired furniture, white goods and smaller electrical items for a fraction of high street costs, some that are even able to offer a limited number of these items free of charge.  We’ve included the local Freecycle groups that simply advertise everything, including occasionally the kitchen sink, that is available for free from the current owners who no longer need the item. Also shown are a few organisations that can provide some practical support in the home for those on low-incomes, the elderly and the disabled.

We would welcome your help improving this map.  Who have we missed off?  Are the details we’ve gleaned completely accurate?  Please email us with any additions and corrections.  The more accurate it is, the more useful it will be.

Advice and Information map

Here is the third in our series of maps showing vital resources and sources of support for people experiencing poverty in Greater Manchester.

There are two different pins on this map, the orange star pins show accredited advisors such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, the Law Centres and Credit Unions; the smaller brown dot markers show the locations of the many other agencies, community centres, libraries etc where you can go to get help, information and guidance.  Please check the providers website carefully for more information about any restrictions on whom they can assist (eg age range, location), their opening times and access requirements such as appointments, before contacting them or visiting their premises.

This is by far the busiest map we have produced. There are some locations with multiple pins where several agencies may work in the same building. Some pins may show information about more than one agency based at that location, but you can remove one layer of pins by simply unticking the list shown in the information box on the left-hand side of the page.  You can also access the information about any of the providers by opening one of these lists and clicking on the name. To access a single pin where there is a cluster on the map, just enlarge the map scale and it should be possible to access the pin you want.

There are a few pins well outside Greater Manchester, eg London, Newcastle and Liverpool.  These are for organisations that provide support either through a website or by phone but who don’t have a base in the region.

If you are looking for a very specific type of advice eg on immigration, for young people, for families with a member in prison etc then do please use the map’s search facility which is available by clicking on the magnifying glass icon provided in the red section of the left-hand information box when you view this map on the internet rather than via this website.  This will filter the information for you and show you which agencies may be able to provide the support you are seeking.

This map will continue to develop, but now you can help us to improve it.  If we’ve missed a provider off or you are not happy with your entry on the map, then let us have all the necessary details by email.  Please also let us know if you are shown on the map but you are no longer providing this type of service.

We hope that the map will be useful and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Chris HoughMaps