Odds are: They win

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A GM-wide anti-gambling harms campaign
By Ellie Caddick, Communications and Engagement Manager, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Odds Are They Win is an anti-gambling harms campaign now live across Greater Manchester. This unique campaign, delivered by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, is an anti-gambling harms campaign, not an anti-gambling campaign, targeted at the Greater Manchester public across a range of digital and out-of-home channels.

As an industry, the primary objective of gambling operators is to maximise profits. These profits are solely generated through customer losses. Products are cleverly marketed and designed to increase the amount of time and money customers spend on gambling, and to seamlessly move them from one gambling product to the next. This has only worsened with the rise of easily accessible online gambling products.

The consequences of this for the people of Greater Manchester are vast, and include that;

  • A staggering 1 in 15 people experience harms related to gambling. Harms are not just financial, with impacts on health and wellbeing and friends and family. Learn more about gambling related harms here.
  • 20% of online bingo players suffer harm as a result of gambling.
  • 25% of fixed odds betting terminal players experience harm as a result of gambling.
  • And watching football on TV could expose adults and children to a gambling advert every 10 seconds.

The purpose of the campaign is to expose gambling industry tactics and to raise awareness of how this ultimately increases your risk of experiencing harm from gambling.

Our aim is firstly to make people more aware of the risks they face when gambling, in some cases even long before they experience them. But we also want to encourage people to share the campaign message, reflect and have open conversations about their experiences of gambling.

We’re moving beyond the narrative of ‘responsible’ gambling. And moving away from individual ownership towards the fact that whatever the gambling product, whoever the gambling operator and whichever way you look at it, the Odds Are: They Win.

Find out more about the campaign and for support for gambling harms here

Share the campaign on social media, download campaign resources here  #OddsAreTheyWin


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