Stories behind the statistics

As part of the Greater Manchester Poverty Monitor 2022, GMPA produced short films to complement four of the themes detailed on the site: Debt, Education, Housing and Labour market. These films seek to understand the views, perspectives and stories of people with lived experience of poverty.

With thanks to participants from the Trafford and Tameside Poverty Truth Commissions for taking part in these films. Thank you to Trafford Housing Trust for funding the production of these films. They were produced by Propella Videos.

Sadly, Karen McBride who was a member of the Tameside Poverty Truth Commission and featured in the films published on this page, passed away in August 2022. Karen was a powerful advocate for change and a fierce champion of social justice. She recognised the importance of her voice, and the voices of other being heard. Karen’s family have given their permission for these films to continue to be used.

i3oz9sPoverty Monitor 2022 – Stories behind the statistics