Greater Manchester Poverty Action carries out research and we campaign for changes in policy both locally and nationally so that the structural and systematic causes of poverty are addressed. This page includes updates on our most recent policy work and forthcoming activities.

Recent and upcoming policy and research work

Mini Poverty Monitor

GMPA has developed a new mini poverty monitor detailing key statistics about poverty and people’s experiences of living in Greater Manchester. The aim is to provide access to data about poverty quickly and easily. Data is provided either at a Greater Manchester level and/or a local authority level. The information can be found here

Social Security in Greater Manchester

In a major study GMPA looked at the collapse in crisis support in England, tracking the fall in support provided to people needing help to live independently in their own homes or facing a sudden financial crisis.

For full details of the research click here.

Socio-economic duty

The Equality Act 2010 contains a valuable tool to ensure poverty is given due consideration by public bodies when making strategic decisions and designing services: the socio-economic duty.

GMPA believes that public bodies in Greater Manchester can learn from other areas and think about how they can apply the duty. As part of our work in response to the spread of COVID-19, GMPA developed a briefing to support local authorities consider poverty and socio-economic status in assessment of community responses to the pandemic.  You can download the briefing here

Poverty strategies

GMPA believes having a local poverty strategy in place is highly important. Many of the most important decisions made affecting child poverty and children’s lives are made at a local level.

Download our latest briefing for further discussion about the need for local poverty strategies.

Good Employment

GMPA and the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign submitted a joint response to the Combined Authority’s consultation on introducing an employer’s charter for the city region.  You can read our response here

The Poverty Premium

In November 2018 research published by GMPA found that low income households in Greater Manchester could be paying over £1000 over the odds for everyday goods and services. For full details of our work on the poverty premium please click here.