Principal Partners 2022

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Help grow and increase the impact of our work by becoming a Principal Partner or donating to GMPA

GMPA’s Principal Partner scheme provides core funding to the organisation. The scheme was set up in response to organisations who have expressed an interest in supporting the work of GMPA at an enhanced level and contributing to the sustainability of the organisation. Principal Partners share our vision and acknowledge the important role GMPA has to play in strengthening efforts to tackle poverty across the city region. If this is something your organisation is interested in being part of, please get in touch.

A huge thank you to all those organisations that have already confirmed their membership of the scheme in 2022 (you can see their logos below and find a full list of Principal Partners here).

Principal Partners as at 8 Feb 2022 for GM Poverty Action
If you’d like to have a conversation with us about your organisation becoming a Principal Partner please contact Lucy Bird.

As an organisation, we are now accepting donations. Individuals and organisations can now make a one-off donation or set up a monthly direct debit. To find out more, click here. Your voluntary contribution will support us to continue and grow our work.

Infographic PPs $6.10 for GM Poverty Action

Why do Principal Partners support GMPA?

“Regenda has always worked to create routes out of poverty and we know we can do that more effectively as part of a partnership. As a Principal Partner of GMPA, we will have our ability to support people and communities enhanced. With support, people are more able to tackle the challenges they face and achieve better access to opportunities for themselves and their families.” Bill Lovat, Regional Director, Regenda Homes.

“GMPA provide such valuable leadership as we work together to prevent and tackle poverty in Greater Manchester. It’s a privilege to strengthen our support and collaboration with GMPA, and alongside our sister charity Caritas Salford, in becoming a Principal Partner and we’d urge other leaders across all sectors to join us.” Ben Gilchrist, CEO, Caritas Diocese of Shrewsbury.

To read more quotes from our Principal Partners click here.


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