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At a time when public services have undergone significant cuts, strain is evident in terms of both demand and what can realistically be delivered. The cost of public transport, cuts in legal aid and the closure of public services such as libraries all have an impact on people who are trying to get out of poverty.

Although budget reductions have led to reduced capacity within some services, there are still opportunities to coordinate services to those residents that find themselves in poverty in a much more effective way. This will require cross sector cooperation to ensure that residents are able to access the services and support they need to lift them out of poverty or prevent them falling into it.

A household in “fuel poverty” if they have fuel costs which are above the national median level, and if, that they were to spend that amount they would be left with an amount below the official poverty line. At a national level, 3.2 million people are currently “fuel-poor”.

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Salford Building inWarmth for GM Poverty Action

Salford Building in Warmth

by Aneaka Kellay, Carbon Co-op Carbon Co-op launched a video to coincide with Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2019, showcasing Salford Building In Warmth, a partnership project with charity National Energy Action (NEA), Helping Hands and Salford Council that brings together energy experts, local handy people and neighbours to tackle fuel poverty. With effects on health,

FI Campaign for Better Transport for GM Poverty Action

Campaign for Better Transport

By Darren Shirley, Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Transport Imagine not having any transport. No car, no affordable train service and no buses. How do you get to work, or to college or to medical appointments? For many people on low incomes this is all too common a reality. According to the Office of

Better Buses article for GM Poverty Action

Better Buses for GM

Our Buses in Greater Manchester aren’t working Article written for GMPA by Pascale Robinson Right now, bus operators can’t be forced to run any service, and they set the fares, but in the next year, we have a huge opportunity to change this wild west scenario. Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham is deciding now whether

Help with your water bill

Don’t suffer in silence – that’s the message from United Utilities if you’re struggling to pay your water bill. “If you’re going through a tough financial patch and are finding it hard to pay your water bill, please get in touch with us on 0800 072 6765. We’re easy to talk to and the sooner

FI Warm Homes fund for GM Poverty Action

Warm Homes Fund

New scheme offers free central heating for local residents 500 homes across Greater Manchester will get a new central heating system fitted for free thanks to the Warm Homes Fund. The Greater Manchester Combined Authority has secured £1.8 million from a national fund £150 million established by National Grid and administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions.

Struggling families disqualified from justice for GM Poverty Action

Access to Justice

Struggling families disqualified from justice despite Supreme Court verdict This was the headline for an article published by the Law Society last week. “Poverty-hit families are being denied vital help to fight eviction, tackle severe housing disrepair and address other life-changing legal issues, the Law Society of England and Wales revealed today.” The article went

Furniture Hub article for GM Poverty Action

Furniture Poverty

Waste is a poverty issue and it’s a central theme of Greater Manchester’s new Furniture Poverty Hub. In the UK, we throw away 10 million items of furniture and electrical appliances each year. It’s estimated that nearly 6 million items are repairable or reusable. Furniture poverty charities need a constant supply of reusable items to

CAB Fuel Poverty awareness article for GM POverty Action

Fuel Poverty Awareness

Fuel Poverty Awareness Victoria Egerton leads on Research & Campaigns at Citizens Advice Manchester and is a member of GMPA’s Fuel Poverty Special interest Group. This article outlines some of the issues behind Fuel Poverty, the support that people need, and invites you to a morning of training and discussion on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day,

Fuel, electricity and energy article for GM Poverty Action

Tackling Fuel Poverty

Tackling fuel poverty across Greater Manchester Electricity North West, the region’s power network operator, is represented by Jonathan Collins in GMPA’s Fuel Poverty Special Interest Group. Here, his colleague Lauren Webb writes about their work with Energy Saving Trust and the development of a referral network to provide support for fuel poor households in Greater

Tackling Fuel Poverty

This article was first published in 2014 With over one million families in England struggling to pay their fuel bills, action to help those in fuel poverty has never been more urgent. One in six English families with children are in fuel poverty according to the latest figures from the Department for Energy and Climate

Fuel, gas ring image for GMPA article

What is fuel poverty?

This article was first published in 2014 A household is in fuel poverty if they have fuel costs that are above the national median level and that, if they were to spend that amount, they would be left with an income below the official poverty line. Across Greater Manchester, 1 in 5 households are classed being

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