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Greater Manchester Poverty Monitor 2022

The Greater Manchester Poverty Monitor 2022 detailing statistics relating to poverty across ten themes. The Monitor highlights the scale of poverty and inequality of outcomes, both within the city region and between the city region and the rest of England. The aim of the Monitor is to equip stakeholders with relevant knowledge to tackle socio-economic disadvantage in their own activities, from policy development to service design, advocacy and campaigning.

Policy and research weekly updates

We provide a summary of the latest news and policy developments to keep you up to date with what is happening across the UK.

Maps of support services near you

We provide links to maps of food providers, household items and repair and information and advice services across Greater Manchester.

External resources

It is important that people experiencing poverty are able to access all the financial support that is available to them. People are often missing out on financial help available through national welfare benefits, local welfare provision (such as help with paying Council Tax) or grants.

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