Tameside Poverty Truth Commission for GM Poverty Action
Tameside Poverty Truth Commission

GMPA is currently recruiting 12 to 15 key civic and business leaders, and 12 to 15 people with lived experience of poverty from across Tameside to form the Tameside Poverty Truth Commission. These people, who will meet together on a regular basis over a 15 month period from September 2021, will provide new insights to influence and inform policy change in the area.

The Poverty Truth Commission is a unique and powerful way of developing new insights and initiatives to tackle poverty, developed in Glasgow and Leeds over the past eight years, and now being replicated in more than a dozen cities and towns across the UK. The key principle behind a Poverty Truth Commission is that decisions about poverty must involve people who directly face poverty. The process is a culmination of relationship building, fact finding and deep thinking over an extended period between people with a direct experience of poverty and civic and business leaders within the area. The aim is to ensure that people who have experienced poverty first-hand are at the heart of how the region thinks and acts in tackling poverty and inequality.

The role of civic and business leaders

The civic and business leaders on the Commission will commit to engage in dialogue with Commissioners with lived experience of poverty once a month for 15 months. As the success of the Commission is very much dependent on building trust and personal relationships to inform understanding, Commissioners will have to commit to attending meetings in person.

Speaker for GM Poverty Action podcasts
You can hear from Fran, one of the Commissioners, about why she is involved and her hopes for
bringing positive change in Tameside through the Commission here.


If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Beatrice to arrange for one of the facilitation team to meet with you in person.

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