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Tameside Poverty Truth Commission

“What if people who have directly faced poverty were involved in decisions about poverty?”

GMPA runs the Tameside Poverty Truth Commission, as one of our programmes. Poverty Truth Commissions (PTCs) create a space to meaningfully bring together people with different experiences, knowledge, and power: within this space, people who have had experience of living in poverty come together with senior civic, political and business leaders on an equal footing.

The Commission will work towards GMPA’s aim of embedding the voices of people with lived experience in the decision-making structures and systems of GM.

You can watch a video of the “What if?” poem that the Commissioners wrote together reflecting some of their experiences below, and see the full launch event here.

The Commission was launched in November 2021 and is running for 12 months.

Latest news

It has been an exciting few weeks within the Tameside Poverty Truth Commission with the addition of several new Civic and Business leaders. This has enabled Commissioners to progress positively together and to select three key areas to focus on as they continue to meet regularly, tackle poverty in Tameside and build relationships.

This process is part of phase 3 of a Poverty Truth Commission, whereby Commissioners begin to identify key issues that they would like address and break into groups to explore the issues further together.

For the Tameside Poverty Truth Commission, Housing, Mental Health, and Access to Services have been identified as the three key issues that they would like to spend their time exploring.

TPTC Housing co-chairs for GM Poverty Action

Ivan Wright and Fran Beeston

Working groups have been formed around these areas and this week saw the Housing group meet for the first time to clarify its mission and vision together. They also chose two co-chairs, one from Civic and business and the other from Community Commissioners. The Co-chairs will be responsible for moving the work forward assisted by the facilitation team and we are pleased to announce that Fran Beeston, community commissioner and Ivan Wright, assistant director for Jigsaw Housing will work together to chair future meetings of the Housing working group.

Speaking to about the work ahead, Fran said: “I am up for the challenge, and I am really looking forward to it.  I know it is not going to be smooth sailing, but I know that both Ivan and I are committed to telling the truth about what housing issues really look like for people in Tameside. I can’t wait to get started!”

In the next two weeks, Access to Services and Mental Health working groups will also get the chance to meet and follow a similar process. Working groups will meet once a month and all groups will come together once every six weeks to share progress to the full Commission.

The Tameside Poverty Truth Commission is a Greater Manchester Poverty Action programme.

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