Notes and resources for users


We have created a number of resources to support users to create local area profiles for localities in Greater Manchester.

Poverty Monitor Directory August 2022

Guide to geographies and boundaries

Local authority – Poverty profile template

Electoral ward – Poverty profile template

Notes to users

Whilst we don’t have the resources to keep the Monitor up to date on a rolling basis, we will make amends and additions where we are able.

In many instances, the data presented is published on an annual basis and therefore the data we show will remain the most up-to-date data available for some time. However, please be aware that some of the data shown on the Monitor is updated more regularly. We encourage users to go to the data source if they want to explore this further.

The Monitor is not an exhaustive set of all the statistics relating to poverty levels in Greater Manchester, the indicators used have been determined through a pragmatic approach based on data availability, likelihood of usage/level of interest and ease of interpretation. In a number of instances, there is data that we would like to show but it is either not available or is several years out of date.

Data is presented at different geographical levels: local authority; electoral ward, middle super output area (MSOA) and lower super output area (LSOA). The choice of geographical unit has primarily been determined by the geographical level at which data is available. We do strive to present data at a more local level than local authority (i.e. at either ward, MSOA or LSOA), but that is not always possible. Please see the guidance above for more information.

Data at a national level (i.e. England level) is provided where this is available and comparisons between the England average and GM and localities in GM are appropriate.

A short commentary is provided alongside each indicator. The commentary does not seek to present an exhaustive analysis of the data shown in the visualisation or table. Instead, it seeks to support users with their own interpretation of the data by highlighting key findings and illustrating what the visualisation or table shows.

In a small number of instances data was not available for every borough in Greater Manchester.


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