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FI Your Work Your Way for GM Poverty Action

Your Work Your Way

By Jane Jacoby, Child Poverty Action Group The number of families affected by in-work poverty is rising. Parents on low pay now need the equivalent of 1.5 earnings to keep their families out of poverty. In families where one parent works, a growing number of the non-working parents identify as being unemployed, yet while seeking

FI THT Employment and Skills for GM Poverty Action

Employment and Skills Service

Trafford Housing Trust Employment and Skills service supports customers seeking training and job opportunities Trafford Housing Trust (THT) customers seeking employment and training opportunities can find support in the organisation’s Employment and Skills service. The service is available to all THT residents and members in their household who are unemployed or working less than 16-hours

FI GM Living Wage City Region for GM Poverty Action

Real Living Wage City Region

Greater Manchester Real Living Wage Campaign Update By John Hacking, Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign Co-ordinator. May 12th was a very significant date for the campaign to make Greater Manchester a Real Living Wage City Region as it saw the first meeting of the City Region Living Wage Action Group chaired by the newly elected

FI GM Living Wage update for GM Poverty Action

GM Living Wage Campaign update

As Greater Manchester (GM) emerges from the lockdown, we will need to work to make sure the coming recession doesn’t mean a race to the bottom for workers in GM.  We need to work together to ensure that we deliver the ‘Better’ in the #BuildBackBetter strategy and build back in a way that protects and

Decent Work and The Real Living Wage Post Covid

By John Hacking Greater Manchester (GM) went into the Covid-19 crisis as one of the fastest growing economies in the UK and will most likely come out of it in recession. What does this mean for the campaign for decent work for all workers in GM in general, and the campaign for a Real Living

FI Stop the Traffik article for GM Poverty Action

Poverty, Destitution and Exploitation

Understanding the vulnerabilities of people homeless and rough sleeping to modern slavery by Tom Madden, STOP THE TRAFFIK Exploitation is an under-reported but inextricable aspect of poverty. Traffickers are professionals at turning vulnerable peoples’ desires for a better life into profit through the most vicious kinds of exploitation. While other elements of extreme poverty have

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