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FI GM Living Wage update for GM Poverty Action

GM Living Wage Campaign update

As Greater Manchester (GM) emerges from the lockdown, we will need to work to make sure the coming recession doesn’t mean a race to the bottom for workers in GM.  We need to work together to ensure that we deliver the ‘Better’ in the #BuildBackBetter strategy and build back in a way that protects and

Decent Work and The Real Living Wage Post Covid

By John Hacking Greater Manchester (GM) went into the Covid-19 crisis as one of the fastest growing economies in the UK and will most likely come out of it in recession. What does this mean for the campaign for decent work for all workers in GM in general, and the campaign for a Real Living

FI Stop the Traffik article for GM Poverty Action

Poverty, Destitution and Exploitation

Understanding the vulnerabilities of people homeless and rough sleeping to modern slavery by Tom Madden, STOP THE TRAFFIK Exploitation is an under-reported but inextricable aspect of poverty. Traffickers are professionals at turning vulnerable peoples’ desires for a better life into profit through the most vicious kinds of exploitation. While other elements of extreme poverty have

FI UC and in work conditionality katy Jones for GM Poverty Action

UC & in-work conditionality

Universal Credit and In-Work Conditionality – the employers view by Katy Jones, Centre for Decent Work and Productivity, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School Universal Credit – the new working age benefit for people who are unemployed or on a low income – potentially involves the introduction of “in-work conditionality” (IWC), placing responsibilities on individual claimants

FI Homeworkers worldwide article Lucy Brill for GM Poverty Action

Working conditions in Manchester’s textile manufacturing sector

by Lucy Brill In 2017, the international women workers’ organisation, Homeworkers’ Worldwide (HWW), more used to mapping the garment industry in countries as far away as India, Chile and China, completed a scoping study on working conditions within the textile and garment manufacturing sector within Greater Manchester (GM). Our report is available on the Homeworkers

Employment Charter for GM Poverty Action

Making employment work for everyone

By Andy Burnham , Mayor of Greater Manchester For many people, modern work isn’t working. In an increasingly insecure UK labour market, poverty rates have risen for every type of working family and one in eight workers nationally is now in poverty. Our Greater Manchester Independent Prosperity Review, launched earlier this year, found that wages

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