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Working Wardrobe, funded by Bolton at Home, is being set up to tackle another barrier into employment that so many men and women face today. That barrier is the lack of suitable clothing to wear in order to make a good first impression at an interview.

Working Wardrobe want to give those people the best possible chance of making the right first impression and of being successful in getting that job.

Working Wardrobe for GM POverty Action

Members of the Working Wardrobe team: Tony Cottam, Carrie Riley, Dawn Juson, Linda Jones

Their offer is a one to one appointment in Bolton town centre, choosing an outfit and accessories.  The customer will be given this outfit to keep at no cost to them and they will also get final interview preparation advice. If they are successful at the interview then they can return to the store for additional clothing and critically in-work support for as long as they need it. This is so important as making the transition from benefits to work is often a difficult and troublesome period. They will be assigned their own officer who will help with any issues that may prevent the client sustaining that employment – this support will be tailored to their needs.


Working Wardrobe for GM Poverty ActionWorking Wardrobe believe this to be a unique selling point for this project. They will have already built up a good relationship with the customer through the first dressing visit. Trust and engagement will have already been established therefore making it more likely that this support will be well received and successful.

Working Wardrobe will be available to all of working age across Greater Manchester.  They now have to complete furnishing and stocking the store with interview type clothing and accessories and they will be looking to the community and local businesses to support this project.

It is a life changing concept. It’s more than providing an outfit. It’s about changing the mind set and empowering every individual who walks through the door. Working on their strengths and motivating each customer to be the best that they can be.

Working Wardrobe have recently launched a crowd fund appeal. Please do take a look and support them where you can.

They will be open for business on Monday June 18th, 2018. For more information please visit their website


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