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By Jane Jacoby, Child Poverty Action Group

The number of families affected by in-work poverty is rising. Parents on low pay now need the equivalent of 1.5 earnings to keep their families out of poverty. In families where one parent works, a growing number of the non-working parents identify as being unemployed, yet while seeking work many of these potential second earners face barriers such as childcare, transport, skills and confidence. This important group also tend to be overlooked in Job Centre targets and by most employment support programmes; hard to reach out to and often requiring intensive but flexible support that recognises they may not be able to access many jobs due to family commitments and the challenges of juggling work and childcare with a partner.

In response Child Poverty Action Group are offering practical employment support to couples families in Bury. Your Work Your Way offers a year of in depth, individualised employment support to families who are living on low wages topped up by Universal Credit or Tax Credits. Participants will also have access to specialist welfare rights advice as well as access to a support budget which can be used to assist with work-related costs such as course fees, childcare and transport. Participants are also eligible to apply to Barclays’ Rebuilding Thriving Local Economies Fund which can provide financial assistance to people who have been adversely affected by Covid.

“When I was looking for a job after my child started school, I remember feeling confused about everything – jobs, money, childcare, the impact on family life – after being out of the world of work for a few years. There’s so much to think about! If someone had offered me the opportunity to sign up with a project like Your Work Your Way for tailored support and advice, I’d have jumped at the chance. It’s great to be able to help participants to really understand what it will mean for their family finances, including benefits, if both they and their partners work – so that any changes they make, they can have confidence in.” Dee Lynch – YWYW Welfare Rights Advisor

“We use a solution focused approach to really help participants explore work which is right for them and their families. It is great having time to support participants explore options around jobs, training and volunteering.” Jane Jacoby – YWYW Personal Support Coach

Your Work Your Way are seeing participants in a central Bury office location. They are happy to take referrals or be contacted for a friendly chat. The project is open to men or women who:

  • have a partner who is working
  • have children
  • are receiving Tax Credits or Universal Credit (or are entitled to them but not claiming)
  • live in Bury
Jane Jacoby for GM Poverty Action

Jane Jacoby

Your Work Your Way is funded by Barclays. Bury was selected as a location by Barclays as part of their commitment to Bury through their Thriving Local Economies initiative. Further details can be found here: Your Work, Your Way | CPAG on Bury Directory or on our Facebook page

Jane Jacoby   07985104986


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