About GMPA

GM Poverty Action coordinates networks of organisations and individuals to reduce poverty across Greater Manchester. 

We provide opportunities, ideas and support to encourage and strengthen collaboration, and we collectively influence policy and practice to address poverty in Greater Manchester.

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Our Aims

  • Raising awareness of poverty, its effects and its causes, and of activities that address poverty
  • Connecting people and projects for anti-poverty collaboration
  • Helping to strengthen the voices of people in poverty
  • Participating in research and projects to better understand and address poverty
  • Directly influencing policy and practice that will help to reduce poverty

GMPA Activities

GMPA’s activities include:

  • reporting and commenting on a range of poverty-related topics
  • running Special Interest Groups and events, as well as the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign, to generate collaboration and action on poverty
  • providing practical help and information for those living in poverty across the Greater Manchester area such as mapping local support providers.

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Our Twitter feed shares updates from both GMPA and other relevant organisations, charities and associations involved in taking action on poverty. Follow us!

A great way to connect with us, and to help us to raise awareness of poverty issues across Greater Manchester is via our Facebook page. Find Us!

Greater Manchester Poverty Action exists because of the support of likeminded organisations across Greater Manchester, and beyond.To sign up as a 2018 supporter please complete this online form.






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