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The prevalence of low paying work in the UK means that many working people lack the money they require to meet their basic needs and to participate fully in society. This is one the reasons why in-work poverty is so high in this country, including in Greater Manchester.

The Real Living Wage can play an important role in addressing low pay and boosting household income. The Real Living Wage is an hourly payrate set by campaigners that reflects the real cost of living in a way that the statutory minimum set by government doesn’t.

Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) runs the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign. This involves advocating for widespread adoption of the Real Living Wage by employers across the city region.

Living Wage Infographic for GM Poverty Action


The Campaign’s mission has always been to make Greater Manchester a Living Wage City Region. In 2021, that became Greater Manchester’s mission. GMPA is helping to make this a reality. There were just 26 Real Living Wage accredited employers in Greater Manchester when the GM Living Wage Campaign started. By the end of August 2022 there were 508.

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To get involved in the campaign or to discuss your organisation becoming an accredited employer, please contact us.

To find out more about the Real Living Wage please visit the Living Wage Foundation website. The Foundation promotes this agenda nationally and sets the new hourly living wage payrates each autumn. There is information about becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer here.



Latest news

Updates on the Greater Manchester campaign are published in Greater Manchester Poverty Action’s fortnightly newsletter  – which if you don’t already receive you can subscribe to here. If you would like to receive information on the campaign directly please sign up by emailing the campaign coordinator.

New Real Living Wage Rate Announced

The new Real Living Wage rate has been announced and it is £10.90 per hour.

To help millions deal with the cost-of-living crisis the Living Wage Foundation brought the announcement of the new rate forward to September 22nd. Usually announced in November as part of Living Wage Week, the new rate was announced early this year to encourage employers to pay staff the increased rate as soon as possible. Unlike the Government’s National Living Wage for over 23-year-olds, the Real Living Wage is the only wage rate independently calculated based on the actual cost of living, and it also applies to workers over the age of 18. A full-time worker earning the new, Real Living Wage will earn £1,950 a year more as a result of the uplift. The Living Wage Foundation estimates that the increase in the Real Living Wage rate will result in a pay increase for at least 18,000 low paid workers in Greater Manchester.

500th Greater Manchester Real Living Wage Accredited Employer Announced

Alongside the announcement of the new Real Living Wage rate is the great news that the Octagon Theatre in Bolton has become the 500th employer based in Greater Manchester to be accredited as a Living Wage Employer by the Living Wage Foundation.  The 500 accredited companies and organisations employ over 120,000 people.  Please go to the GMPA website for a full list of the current Real Living Wage Employers in Greater Manchester.

The GM Real Living Wage Action Group, led by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham is driving forward Greater Manchester’s Living Wage City Region campaign, and GMPA is playing a key role in the Action Group as both a member and as Chair of the Campaign Group which is supporting organisations and individuals to promote the Real Living Wage in Greater Manchester.

More information about the local campaign can be found on GMPA’s website here.

If you want to join in the campaign against low pay and for a Real Living Wage get in touch for more details.

John Hacking, GMLWC coordinator for GM Poverty Action

John Hacking, GMLWC Coordinator


Best Wishes and Stay Safe.

GM Living Wage Campaign Coordinator
John Hacking

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