One of our strategic aims is to embed the voices of people with lived experience of poverty in the decision-making structures of Greater Manchester and beyond.

People living in poverty or who have lived in poverty bring unique insights to systems that affect their lives.

We advocate for meaningful involvement of people with lived experience across sectors and at every level of decision-making, with people also compensated appropriately for their time and expertise.

Poverty Reference Group

We will soon be launching a new Poverty Reference Group (PRG) for Greater Manchester. Building upon a previous group to influence the Greater Manchester Independent Inequalities Commission, the PRG will bring together a diverse group of people with lived experience of poverty from across the city region, to create a sustainable mechanism for influencing local decision-making.  

The group will build positive relationships with key stakeholders across all sectors, including the existing Equalities Panels, to ensure that the voices of people with lived experience of poverty are heard across relevant organisations, forums and networks.   

If you would like to know more about the Poverty Reference Group, please contact Daniel Oliver on 

To learn about our previous work around lived experience engagement, visit our Poverty Truth Commissions page.

Support with Lived Experience Engagement 

GMPA is experienced in facilitating one-off or ongoing lived experience engagement for other organisations, including the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Transport for Greater Manchester and NHS Greater Manchester.

Please get in touch to discuss your organisation’s needs for engaging with local people and communities, by contacting Tom Waring at  

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