Money Advice Referral Tool (MART)

GMPA believes that responses to poverty should focus on getting more money into people’s pockets. That’s why one of our strategic priorities is to support local efforts to boost household income and financial resilience.

For many frontline organisations helping people dealing with poverty, information on where to refer people for appropriate support and advice is not always easy to find. The Money Advice Referral Tools (MARTs) aims to help these organisations and professionals by simplifying the process and putting the key information at their fingertips.

Money Matters

GMPA is piloting an innovative approach to tackling poverty with its Money Matters programme, funded by Kellogg’s. 

Money Matters is modelled on a successful pilot, and since fully-rolled out initiative, in Glasgow and aims to increase household income by providing debt and benefit advice in schools. 

Tameside Poverty Truth Commission

GMPA ran the Tameside Poverty Truth Commission until November 2022.

Poverty Truth Commissions (PTCs) create a space to meaningfully bring together people with different experiences, knowledge, and power: within this space, people who have had experience of living in poverty come together with senior civic, political and business leaders on an equal footing.

The Tameside Commission worked towards GMPA’s aim of embedding the voices of people with lived experience in the decision-making structures and systems of GM.