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GMPA believes that that responses to poverty should focus on getting more money into people’s pockets. That’s
why one of our strategy priorities is to support local efforts to boost household income and financial resilience.

A “cash-first” approach to local welfare, and an “advice first” approach to other support services is key to this.

GMPA plans to co-produce Money Advice Referral Tools in six boroughs of Greater Manchester. The tools will describe all the places that people can go for advice and other income maximisation support. The aim is to help people get all the money that they are entitled to, and to reduce the need for referrals to food banks, by increasing referrals to other kinds of support.

The Money Advice Referral Tools have been piloted in Tameside, launched May 2021, and Oldham – coming soon.

Download the Tameside Money Advice Referral Tool, or use the online version.

The Government’s own research shows that, even prior to the pandemic, one in twelve of all households in the UK were experiencing low or very low levels of food security.

While food aid is a lifeline, it cannot reduce or prevent food insecurity, as it does not resolve the underlying causes. The only sustainable, long-term resolution to food insecurity is to ensure everyone has access to a decent and reliable income.


If you are using one of our referral tools, we would appreciate your feedback about how you are finding it. This will help us to learn, and to make the tools the best they can be.

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Please use this form to help us collect data about how the referral tool is used, what support people are accessing, and what support people need but cannot access. Please complete this simple form on a monthly basis.

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This project is funded by The Trussell Trust.The Trussell Trust - organisation profile for GM Poverty Action

Thanks also to all who worked with GMPA to develop the GM Food Poverty Action Plan, out of which this programme grew.

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