GM Poverty Action

Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Greater Manchester that works to address poverty across the city region. We convene and network organisations from across the public, private and VCSE sectors to foster collaboration and innovation and to maximise the impact of efforts to address hardship and deprivation across Greater Manchester. We carry out research and we campaign for changes in policy both locally and nationally so that the structural and systematic causes of poverty are addressed.

We do this through the following aims:

  • Raising awareness of poverty, its effects and its causes, and of activities that address poverty
  • Connecting people and projects for anti-poverty collaboration
  • Helping to strengthen the voices of people in poverty
  • Participating in research and projects to better understand and address poverty
  • Directly influencing policy and practice that will help to reduce poverty

Become a supporter of the GMPA

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Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) exists because of the support of like-minded organisations across Greater Manchester, and beyond, who share GMPA’s desire to see an end to poverty in our city region. Individuals and organisations can now sign up to our paid Supporters Scheme. Your voluntary contribution will support us to continue and grow our work.

Requirements of participating organisations

To participate in GM Poverty Action’s aims, organisations are required to demonstrate and commit to the following:

  • To accept the cooperative aims identified above;
  • To participate in a collective manner in our activities;
  • To provide GMPA with information and intelligence about their organisations activities to address poverty across Greater Manchester;
  • To influence and cajole organisations in the public and commercial sectors and to provide feedback to GMPA;
  • To provide resource through a mix of means (finance, skills, time, case studies, venues, networks) into the activities of GMPA;
  • To have their organisational name form part of any lobbying activity of GMPA

If you would like work with GMPA and feel that your organisation would be able to contribute, please email our Communications Officer


The work of Greater Manchester Poverty Action focuses on a number of identified themes.

Housing & Homelessness

Housing providers work within communities and see first-hand the effects of poverty and deprivation in some of the region’s poorest areas so when the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission (GMPC) made the call to action to help tackle poverty housing were quick to step up. Read more…

Public Services & Fuel

At a time when public services have undergone significant cuts, strain is evident in terms of both demand and what can realistically be delivered. The cost of public transport, cuts in legal aid and the closure of public services such as libraries all have an impact on people who are trying to get out of poverty. Read more…

Child Poverty & Education

Manchester local authority area has the highest rate of severe child poverty in the country according to research by Save The Children. Read more…

Finance & Debt

Debt is both a cause and consequence of poverty. In recent years, there has been an increase in sub-prime lending, payday loan stores, cash generating outlets and pawnbrokers. Short-term high interest lending has increasingly been used to cover the rising cost of living. Read more…

Food & Wellbeing

Food poverty is multi dimensional and affects vulnerable people the most. It is caused by a range of factors: low or no income and a rising cost of living make it more and more difficult for people to feed themselves and their families. Read more…

Work & Wages

Employment is widely regarded as the best route out of poverty though many training routes into better jobs are out of the reach of people who need to support themselves or a family. Read more…

Greater Manchester Poverty Monitor

The Poverty Monitor is designed to help people concerned about poverty in Greater Manchester to monitor the level of poverty and its distribution across the city Read more…

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