Local Authority Officers’ Forum

Established in 2021, GMPA’s Local Authority Officers’ Forum provides a dedicated space to convene Greater Manchester’s ten local authorities and the combined authority around the poverty agenda, hear from external speakers around the UK on different poverty-related themes, and stimulate discussion about what more can be done to prevent and reduce poverty in local areas.

The forum objectives are to: 

  • Generate a greater awareness of best practices and innovative approaches to preventing and reducing poverty among local authorities in Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority 
  • Inspire authorities to prioritise issues raised in the forum and act, drawing on best practices and policies showcased in the forum.

Topics discussed at the forum include developing and implementing local anti-poverty strategies, Council Tax support schemes and maximising the effectiveness of the Household Support Fund.

How to get involved

We are always looking for contributors and subject matter experts to present and partake in the forum discussion on topics that fall within our key policy areas, especially local authorities, combined authorities, anti-poverty organisations, and academics with a research interest in poverty.

The forum meets every two months.

If you would like to learn more about the forum or are interested in presenting, contact our Policy Officer Penny Rimmer at penny@gmpovertyaction.org.

VCSE Forum

GMPA chairs the Greater Manchester Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Anti-Poverty Forum, established in 2023 under the delivery of the Greater Manchester VCSE Accord. It seeks to build on the existing strengths of the VCSE sector from across the city-region to organise anti-poverty strategic and policy development and influence.

The forum brings together VCSE organisations from across the ten boroughs to share their experiences and expertise, discuss challenges, and organise strategic influence and action in the fight against poverty.

The forum aims to create a powerful VCSE sector voice on an array of pressing topics – from the need of a cash-first approach to local welfare provision, to the advocacy of the Living Wage Campaign – and recognises the value of the sector beyond ‘crisis responses’ to poverty in these increasingly challenging times.

Members of the forum make a commitment to work collaboratively with each other, share good practice, learning and peer support.

How to get involved

The forum meets every two months.

If you would like to learn more about the forum or are interested in joining, please contact our Public Policy Officer Aisha Muhammad at aisha@gmpovertyaction.org.

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