Policy North Training works in partnership with Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) to provide social policy training to organisations and individuals working to address poverty across the city region and the rest of the UK. We aim to support organisations to better understand some of the complexities around poverty and enable them to improve policy and practice as a result.

Open courses will be conducted virtually (Zoom) unless otherwise stated. See below for details about each course. New dates may be added for open courses in 2022.  In the meantime Policy North Training offers bespoke, in-house training to organisations. Please email to discuss options.

Maximising support for people on low incomes Understanding poverty measurement, definitions and dataIdentifying poverty data in Greater ManchesterExploring the poverty premium
Full day courseFull day courseFull day courseHalf day course
Would you like to understand more about cuts and reforms to social security since 2010 and what this means for families in need of support? Are you interested in how services can be better designed to support people in the new social security landscape?

This course is for VCSE and public sector organisations who work with people experiencing poverty and who wish to understand how to maximise support for their service users and those involved in service design and delivery. It will also be of interest to researchers seeking to understand current social security provision.
Do you want to understand more about how poverty is measured and where you can access robust, accurate and up-to-date data?

This course is for organisations who wish to strengthen the case for their work by presenting accurate and relevant data about poverty to funders, supporters and policy and decision makers.

By the end of this one-day course participants will have developed an understanding of what key poverty datasets tell us, how best to access data sources and how to use this knowledge to support the work that they do.
Do you need to have a good understanding of poverty data in Greater Manchester? Would it help you in your role if you knew where and how to access relevant and up-to-date data?
On this course we give attendees the time to look at what different datasets tell us about poverty in Greater Manchester and to consider how they can develop a stronger understanding of poverty and deprivation at a local level by exploring a range of data sources.
By the end of this course participants will have a good understanding of poverty levels and trends in Greater Manchester and the confidence to assess and utilise a range of different datasets and tools.
Low income consumers in the UK face several disadvantages in the marketplace. Understanding this issue can support service providers, businesses and policymakers to identify changes in policy and practice that can help mitigate the impact of the poverty premium, minimising the risk of debt and financial hardship among people on low incomes.

Attendees on this half day course will be able to better understand the poverty premium, the way it affects customers, clients and consumers and how they can amend and ‘poverty proof’ their practices.
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In-house training

As well as open training courses, we are happy to discuss providing in-house training and consultancy to organisations requiring a bespoke package of support. This could be particularly useful for organisations with several staff who require knowledge in a particular area. Please email us if you would like to discuss this.

About Policy North Training

Policy North Training has been established by GMPA director Graham Whitham to increase the amount of training offered in Greater Manchester. Policy North Training will look to deliver training courses in other parts of the country to help increase the amount of revenue raised to support GMPA’s activities.