Learn better practice in engaging with people with lived experience of poverty, how to host spaces for lived experience engagement, and articulating the value of this to others.

We can’t build effective responses for tackling poverty without involvement from people experiencing poverty. Through this session we will share our experiences of putting the voices of people in poverty at the heart of our work.

What you’ll learn

  • Why valuing lived experience matters 
  • What good practice looks like, including why it’s important to pay for experience and offer support to those involved 
  • Insights into our work integrating lived experience into work, and other examples 
  • Why you should reflect on your experiences and how they shape your work 
  • The power of language in communication and active listening 
  • The importance of intersectionality and recognising multiple disadvantage.

You’ll also get practical support on how to set up and facilitate lived experience spaces, and how to use these spaces to enhance your work.

Course details:

Cost of session:

£200 (£133 for for VCFSE & small organisations)

Upcoming dates:


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