Fuel Poverty in Greater Manchester

Rising prices of food and fuel are pushing more and more people into poverty in Greater Manchester and across the UK. As the crisis deepens, its impacts worsen, effecting not only people on low incomes but also the organisations that work to support them. It is vital that the experiences of fuel poverty in Greater Manchester are explored to draw attention to the ways in which the city region is responding, and struggling to respond, to the rising costs of living.

“Coping with an impossible situation” - How organisations and individuals are struggling to respond to the fuel poverty crisis (March 2023)

Fuel poverty -warm this winter infographics for GM Poverty Action

In March 2023, GMPA published our report, “Coping with an impossible situation” – How organisations and individuals are struggling to respond to the fuel poverty crisis. Funded by the Warm this Winter coalition, the report explores the impacts of fuel poverty in Greater Manchester, although many of its findings are of relevance to other locations.  

This report uses qualitative and quantitative methods to demonstrate the impacts of rising costs of food and fuel across Greater Manchester. In addition to highlighting the effects of fuel poverty, it draws on a wide range of responses from people and organisations across the city region to consider what can be done by local and national government. 

The research addresses: 

•  Responses to the cost-of-living crisis in Greater Manchester 

•  Capacity among organisations working to support people on low incomes in the city region 

•  Impacts of fuel poverty on daily life and mental and physical health 

•  What can be done by local and national government to address fuel poverty in Greater Manchester 

 You can download the full report here.  To coincide with the publication of the report, GMPA hosted a webinar which you can watch here.

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