Northern Housing Consortium

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The Northern Housing Consortium represents the views of housing organisations in the North of England. We are a membership organisation made up of local authorities, ALMOS, Local Stock Voluntary Transfers and registered providers associations that provide social housing for tenants.

The NHC brings our members together to share ideas, and to represent their interests and ensure the voice of housing in the North is heard across government.

Poverty and its implications are always a high priority for our members so the NHC has been working on a number of projects to address their concerns. The Government’s welfare reform and the rollout of Universal Credit have had a significant impact on social housing customers – our policy team is undertaking research  to understand the scale and effect of these challenges. The NHC will publish these findings in regular reports and share them amongst our members, providing them with the most up-to-date evidence and learning to date. Keep an eye on the News section of the NHC website for the latest research findings.

The NHC also connects its member organisations through regular Policy Network meetings across the North of England. These meeting are excellent opportunities for members to share successful practical initiatives, discuss the difficulties they are facing and learn from the methods and ideas other members have implemented. One of NHC regional networks  includethe North East Child Poverty Network set up to tackle and discuss this specific issue. Find out more about upcoming Network meetings here.

Additionally, the NHC is looking to further develop its work around employment, inclusion and skills and how the UK housing sector in the North can help address these matters. Follow @NHC on Twitter for the latest updates.

For further information visit NHC’s website

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