Call for evidence about the priorities of people with lived experience of poverty in the UK

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GMCVO and Greater Manchester Poverty Action want to hear from organisations that are working in a participatory way with people affected by the economic injustice of poverty.

We have been funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to conduct an evidence review that collates and themes issues that are repeatedly deemed to be important to address by those directly affected.   

If you have been involved in UK based work between 2008 and 2024 that enabled those affected by poverty to articulate the issues that they face and what they feel are the most important things to invest in, we want to hear from you.  

We are looking for evidence in any format, including but not limited to written reports, that meets the following criteria:  

  • Evidence about the problems people in poverty have told you about and the potential solutions or priorities that they have suggested.  
  • Evidence that has been co-produced by those affected by poverty.  
  • Evidence that resulted from a process that gave people affected by poverty the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their experience and identify their priority issues.  
  • Evidence that was produced to achieve positive change for people affected by poverty.   
  • We would expect work like this to involve people with a lived experience of poverty throughout all stages of the process including the definition of the problem, the analysis of it and solution development in particular.  

We are interested in work that has taken a non-extractive approach to prioritisation – one that has given enough time to enable a deliberative approach and that has given sufficient time for people to meaningfully reflect in community with others. (We are not interested in surface level survey/focus group responses with the general public).  

If you have evidence that fits these criteria or know about work that does, even if you have not been involved personally, please complete our online form. 

We are also grateful for any ideas of where we might look for such work.

Click here to share your evidence and/or suggest other sources of evidence.

If you would prefer to talk to us about evidence you are aware of you, can request a call via the form above. 

Deadline for submissions is Thursday 18 April 2024.

This evidence review will contribute to a JRF knowledge bank of issues that have been repeatedly prioritised by those directly affected them. This will constitute the first phase of a programme that will seek to act on these priority areas in some way. This is to be further defined at a later stage. JRF want to take steps towards reducing consultation fatigue which contributes to apathy and frustration and compromises engagement in social change activity. Whilst at the same time supporting the democratisation of a wide variety of civil society institutions that affect the lives of people through their work – for example think tanks, campaigning charities, funders, government bodies.  

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