Household Support Fund

Councils have been given additional funding from central government to support people experiencing or at risk of financial hardship in their borough. Whilst this funding doesn’t go far enough, it creates an opportunity to get extra support to Greater Manchester’s low-income households. There is more information about the Household Support Fund here. This provides information on how long the funding is in place for, how councils can use the money and the allocation for each local authority.

GMPA has been collecting information on how our ten Greater Manchester councils are using this funding, including who is eligible for support and how to access it. Use the table below to find information for your area (please note information is missing for some areas). There is a link through to each council’s Household Support Fund webpage within each form.

The information presented was collected in August/September 2022. We will endeavour to keep this information up-to-date. We advise people to contact councils directly if they want further clarity about the way in which they are administering the Household Support Fund.

Please note that councils operate other types of local welfare support, such as support with Council Tax. You can find links through to those other types of support here.

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