Money Matters

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A new programme from GMPA

By Graham Whitham, Chief Executive Officer

The cost-of-living crisis continues. At a time like this, when so many families are struggling, it is vital that they claim all the support they are entitled to. We know that hundreds of millions of pounds in benefits go unclaimed each year in Greater Manchester and that problem debt is compounding financial hardship for many households.

More needs to be done to maximise household incomes and to boost financial resilience. From this week, GMPA’s new Money Matters project has begun delivering benefits and debt advice to parents/care givers of students at Trafford College, Lostock High School and Seymour Park Primary School.

Graham Whitham CEO of GM Poverty Action

Graham Whitham

Support is being provided by our trained Financial Inclusion Officer, on secondment from Citizens Advice. We want to deliver financial gains to parents and demonstrate the need for more projects that work with schools and other institutions to proactively identify people in need of financial support.

Evidence from this work will be used to support GMPA’s policy and advocacy work, and the scaling up of the initiative across Greater Manchester should it prove successful. The programme is being funded by Kellogg’s and making use Citizens Advice resources and systems. The programme will initially run until May 2023.

Our main Money Matters website page can be found here.




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